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Teacher Resources Page

This page is for educators to find ways to engage students and integrate technology in the classroom.  All links are to outside resources.


Google Apps for Education - Indian Prairie Schools

How can Google Apps help increase your effectiveness as a teacher 

and enhance your student's learning outcomes?

New Visions Cloudlab®
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Cloudlab, a project of New Visions for Public Schools, is dedicated to providing educators and school leaders with free and flexible tools to promote the redesign of teaching and learning.

Our current work focuses on building, iterating and supporting Add-ons that extend the free Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Platform.

ISTE Standards
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The ISTE Standards are a framework for innovation in education. These standards help educators and education leaders worldwide prepare learners to thrive in work and life.

National Center on Accessible Education Materials
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Access for Learning

Welcome to the National Center on Accessible Educational Materials. We provide resources and technical assistance for educators, parents, students, publishers, conversion houses, accessible media producers, and others interested in learning more about AEM and implementing AEM and the National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS).

CS First - Google for Education
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Everything you need to teach CS First

123apss - Free Web Apps
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Our apps are easy to use, safe, free and run in the browser.  Apps include:

- audio recorder

- video recorder

- audio converter

- video convertor

- audio joiner

- and more!
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Learn computer science.  Change the world.

Tech PD

Fremont #14 Technology protocols
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This is a living document which outlines the processes and protocols for technology usage and application in the district, as well as troubleshooting protocols for staff of Fremont #14

Tool Checklist for Teachers
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This website is a checklist for using digital tools in the classroom.  It focuses on 3 major questions of technology integration.

Before using any tools in your classroom, you should consider carefully ….

High Quality Instruction

    1. How does the digital resource align with your instructional goals?
    2. How does this tool improve upon existing approved tools? Does the digital resource provide a new way for students to demonstrate their understanding of a concept or topic?
    3. How does the digital resource build on skills and guide the student? Is it intuitive to learn?
Applied Digital Skills DIY Trainer Playbook
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Google Apps for Education - Edina's Digital Learning Specialists
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site is managed by Edina's Digital Learning Specialists Molly Schroeder and Tracy Purdy

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