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Principal`s Corner


Welcome to Wyoming Indian High School.

My name is Pamela Gambler and I am in my second year as the principal at Wyoming Indian High School. It was a pleasure to work with the students and staff.  The transition as a first year high school principal was a success due to the collaborative and cooperative approach of the staff and students!  I thank all students and staff for their support and warm hospitality!

We have had several staff leave due to retirement or resignations: Leo "Chico" Her Many Horses, Mildred Goggles, Carol Turner, Carrie Jo Calvert, Patrica Greigo-Tiso.  Words cannot explain how much our students and staff will miss the two beloved faculty members who have taken the journey home: Don Chavez and Lea Donze.  We have added six new faculty members at WIHS.  Our students, faculty, and staff along with our new teachers will have a great year at WIHS!

Summer days are about to come to an end!  Fall is on the horizon! Our journey we will take this year will have some sharp curves, hills, straight and narrow paths.  We will not turn around but will strive to reach our destiny.  We will learn from our past and work on the future.  Our goal is to move forward to promote a culture of excellence for students.  Let us begin our journey to success we will utilize new innovations, and programs that will be used to help students be successful.  We will work on improving and identifying what we need to make those improvements to help our students gain the skills necessary to be successful in living in two worlds.

This journey will involve college readiness and matriculation, vocational school or the work force.  This journey will require the participation of all parties—the WIS family, the families of our scholars and the Wind River Reservation community.

WIHS prides itself on fulfilling the mission “empowering students to become, successful individuals and citizens who can adapt to living within two worlds: a constantly and rapidly changing world, and one of cultural awareness and tradition.” 

I believe strongly in parent and community communication. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at (307)332-9765.

I’m looking forward to working with the students on this journey and having a great school year at Wyoming Indian High School.  


Pamela Gambler



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