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Wyoming Indian Middle School is located in Ethete, Wyoming in the heart of the Wind River Reservation, the only reservation in the state of Wyoming. The reservation is located in the foothills of the Wind River Mountains. Wyoming Indian Middle School is a sixth through eighth grade school that was originally part of the Mill Creek School District. The student/teacher ratio in our school is approximately one teacher for every six students. Teachers, who are 100% highly qualified, spend an average of 5.55 hours in the classroom each day.

Our current student population is 100% Native American. Our curriculum is strongly influenced by the local culture and includes native language classes as well as cultural strands which are imbedded in all subjects.

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 Wyoming Indian Middle School

Parents, students and staff believe that Wyoming Indian Middle School provides a safe and positive environment for learning and the opportunity to gain the knowledge needed to live successfully in two worlds. Students are valued as contributing members of the school’s community. Academic growth is the primary focus of students and staff. Our school is continuously striving for academic and cultural excellence.

Mission Statement
  • The Primary mission of Wyoming Indian Middle School is to teach students to be responsible students who can:
  • Find and use information
  • Think, reason, and solve problems
  • Adapt to an ever-changing world and environment
  • Work independently and within groups
  • Have self-confidence and be confident in decision-making
  • Adapt to society, but retain Native American Cultural traditions
Ensuring that when students reach adulthood they are confident, educated, skillful, and contributors to their culture and society.


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