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Wyoming Indian High School

Wyoming Indian High School is a learning cooperative-including students, parents, staff, school board members and the community-working in an environment of honesty, respect, acceptance, equal opportunity and open communication.

We believe education, with high achievement inspired by high expectations, to be the shared responsibility of the students, the parents and the community.

In a safe, orderly, positive and enjoyable atmosphere all of the participants pursue excellence and lifelong learning, with the focus on growth and development of the whole person, including academic, physical, emotional, social and ethical dimensions.

Wyoming Indian Elementary

A variety of meaningful experiences are employed to help students adapt in an ever-changing and competitive world, using current technologies to enhance learning.

We strive to instill an awareness of the value of education, self-inspired lifelong learning and the celebration of personal achievement as the primary tools for realizing one's fullest potential. We foster the expectation of a successful future in a rapidly changing global society, with increasing demands for individual skills and performance.



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